NX Fusion & NX Fusion Plus

NX Fusion & NX Fusion Plus


Building the most advanced solar power plant on the planet has become even easier. Our award-winning NX Fusion™ product bundle comes fully equipped, pre-wired, pre-assembled, and ready to power up. The components are carefully sourced and optimized for each other to lower your design costs and help you achieve project velocity. When we came up with our NX Fusion bundle, we wanted to take the pain out of system design, permitting, and logistic challenges that today’s solar developers face. We believe we’ve succeeded. Download NX Fusion data sheet and the NX Fusion Plus data sheet



Key Features





A New Concept: All-In-One Clean Power Plant

Each NX Fusion row serves as its own independent renewable energy power plant. You can combine as many or as few rows as you want. At the heart of our NX Fusion bundle you’ll find our trusted, innovative NX Horizon tracker with its balanced design and unlinked, fully self-contained rows. A full-sized independent tracker row features 90 top-tier high efficiency modules and an industry-leading string inverter, both specifically optimized for NX Fusion.


Tracking Like No Other

An Innovative Heart

Our NX Horizon tracker is the centerpiece of our NX Fusion bundle. Its innovative design rotates the solar modules up to 120 degrees (+/- 60 degrees), providing a higher energy yield of up to 2% compared to other single-axis trackers. Independent rows allow for a flexible site layout with 10 to 30 percent more power capacity. Add up to 2% more on top of the energy yield calculation for advanced inverter efficiency and Maximum Power Point Tracking (MPPT) capability for a potential 4% added boost. Another unique NX Horizon feature: a tracker motor (on each row) is powered by its own dedicated solar module with battery back-up, making external power cables obsolete. And as soon as the wireless controller is plugged in, tracking and monitoring can begin.

Because the rows are not linked with a drive shaft, maintenance is faster and easier. No wonder EPCs and developers around the globe recognize NX Horizon’s independent rows as a defining feature – especially when module cleaning and vegetation management can account for the majority of O&M costs.

Our NX Fusion bundle also makes planning, installation, and deployment painless. You already know that our tracker design reduces grading requirements. With NX Fusion, the string inverter is conveniently integrated onto the center mount of the tracker; the DC wire harness is pre-assembled, the connectors are diligently labeled — installation was never easier or faster. All components are optimized to work together seamlessly. For especially tight sites we also offer a compact NX Fusion block with just 45 modules.

Higher Yield

Finding the Optimum

When we selected the string inverter for the NX Fusion bundle, we didn’t want just any inverter. Besides its state-of-the-art efficiency of 98.0% CEC, it offers three MPP trackers on top. Now, you can be sure that module mismatches or partly soiled module rows won’t drag your yield down. We also insisted that the inverter had to be convection cooled. No fans means no dust will come near any sensitive electronic parts, a prerequisite for them to function without a hitch in the harshest of climates for many years to come.

Smarter Storage

Pushing Innovation

Our industrial strength team has done it again. NX Fusion Plus integrates the latest, best-in-class solar tracker, battery, inverter, and software to deliver better return on investment to owners of solar power plants. By incorporating battery storage technology into its product, NEXTracker is further increasing the energy output and duration of solar power plants, just as tracking technology did for fixed-tilt solar applications. Click here to download the NX Fusion Plus data sheet.


How it Works

Where Advanced Technologies Meet Complete System Analytics

At NEXTracker, our goal with energy storage was to identify the best technologies for addressing solar generation’s intermittency. Hear how the NX Fusion Plus came about by watching this video: 

With NX Fusion Plus, we can now dispatch uninterrupted clean energy in the most effective manner possible for the customer. Our tracker becomes the data acquisition backbone of the plant, offering complete system analytics and monitoring. NX Fusion Plus enables higher return on investment than solar alone because we can now utilize more clipped[1] energy and offset demand charges for end users. This is particularly attractive to customers such as farms in the Central Valley of California. We can also provide stable, reliable power in countries such as India, where power fluctuates. See the diagram below for “how it works”. Download the NX Fusion Plus data sheet for specific components and specifications. 

The NX Fusion Plus enables customers to use more solar energy throughout the day while simultaneously lowering their electricity bills. As the #1 solar tracker supplier worldwide, NEXTracker is able to leverage economies of scale with parent company, Flex. In order to bring solar + storage into the mainstream, NEXTracker leverages Flex’s secure data platform with NEXTracker’s predictive smart control software, which is already embedded in the tracker’s electronics. 

[1] Power limiting or “clipping” is an inverter function that occurs when the available power from the array is greater than the inverter’s rated input power. Clipping is due to the flattening effect on the system’s daily production profile. During power limiting, the inverter controls the input power from the solar array by shifting the array’s operating point to a higher voltage and lower-current operating point along the array’s current-voltage (I-V) curve, thereby deviating from the maximum power point of the array.

Shift the Load

Control Demand & Energy Load Shifting with NX Fusion Plus

Prior to the advent of solar trackers, fixed-tilt systems were the only mounting option for PV and delivered a single output profile. With the maturity of the solar power plants and accompanying technologies – such as NEXTracker’s advanced self-powered tracker– the solar generation curve has broadened, delivering more energy production to owner-operators. With NEXTracker’s solar + storage solution, NX Fusion Plus, the tracker generation curve is now even further broadened, by shifting excess energy from peak periods to later in the day. See below for a graphic explanation: 

Click here to download the NX Fusion Plus data sheet

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