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Solarplaza AI White Paper: Making Solar Smarter

Making Solar Smarter: Current & Future AI Applications  Author: Mina Mesbahi, Solarplaza  The recent leaps and bounds in artificial intelligence technology and machine learning have ushered a new era driven by automation. Even though the integration of the solar industry and artificial intelligence is still considered to be in its infancy, the synergy of these […]

NEXTracker Debuts Lithium-Ion Offering, Renames Flow Battery Product

The edgy flow battery-assisted solar tracker now has a more conventional storage companion. JULIAN SPECTOR DECEMBER 05, 2017   A year ago, NEXTracker launched an innovative solar tracker with flow batterystoragebuilt into it. This December, the big new thing looks much more familiar. The company has taken over a containerized lithium-ion storage product developed by parent company Flex, […]

NEXTracker Introduces Lithium-Ion and Vanadium Flow Energy Storage Systems for Smarter Renewable Energy Production

NEXTracker’s NX Drive and NX Flow energy storage products deliver integrated, versatile, investment-grade solutions that maximize energy production and storage FREMONT, CA, USA, Dec. 6, 2017 —  NEXTracker™, a Flex company, today announced NEXTracker Energy Storage Solutions, a portfolio of products that includes NX Drive™ and NX Flow™. NX Drive is a standardized battery enclosure system for […]

NX Drive Energy Storage System Driving Standardization

NX Drive™ by NEXTracker is the most flexible and reliable energy storage system (ESS) on the market today, providing best-in-class safety features for the toughest environmental conditions. Designed for utilities, developers and energy partners, NX Drive supports multiple battery technologies and provides unprecedented configurability for a wide range of storage applications, project sizes and future […]

From PowerLight to NEXTracker, Our European Solar Roots Run Deep

Greetings from NEXTracker’s European headquarters in Sevilla, Spain. Some of you reading this may be surprised to learn that NEXTracker has deep roots and experience in the European solar market, so I’d like to introduce you to all our activities and services based here. Our history in Europe began in 2003 with Dan Shugar, Tyroan […]

NEXTracker HPU Instructional Video Series

  The NEXTracker HPU Instructional Video series is intended to teach best practices for the use of the HPU during the installation of NEXTracker single-axis solar tracker systems. Please take a moment to review the following videos for general guidance on operation and maintenance of the HPU.  These videos are intended to provide a basic […]

NEXTracker’s Supply Chain Maestros Turn Complexity into Beautiful Music

There may be no more compelling visual proof of the arrival of large-scale solar as a legitimate energy-generation source than the sight of thousands of solar trackers stretching as far as the eye can see. The technology involved, the quality and reliability designed into the systems, and the coordinated construction process required to achieve this […]

NEXTracker Gets A+ from Customers on Hurricane Irma Report Card

When the U.S.  government declared a state of emergency in advance of Hurricane Irma’s arrival on September 8, we knew what was at stake for the 33 NEXTracker solar projects (or 24,000 tracker rows) that would be affected by the impending high winds and flood waters. Although our experience with the destructive winds and torrential […]

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