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NEXTracker on the Future of Solar

  NEXTracker Director of Product Development, Greg Beardsworth talks with First Solar about what’s next for the solar industry & PV systems and why NEXTracker is excitedly looking towards a bright future.

NEXTracker Tools Series

  For the videos in Spanish, click here (Para los videos en Español, clique aqui)  The NEXTracker tool series is intended to teach best practices for the use of HUCK tools during the installation of NEXTracker single-axis solar tracker systems. Please take a moment to review the following videos for general guidance on operation and […]

NEXTracker Serie Herramientas

  Para los videos en Inglés, clique aqui (For the videos in English, click here) La serie de herramientas NEXTracker tiene como objetivo enseñar mejores prácticas para el uso de herramientas HUCK durante la instalación de sistemas de seguidores solares de un solo eje NEXTracker. Por favor, tome un momento para revisar los siguientes videos para información […]

NEXTracker Delivers Advanced Tracker Technology to Largest Solar Power Plant in Western Hemisphere

FREMONT, CA, USA, May 2, 2017 — NEXTracker™, a Flex company, announced today it has started supplying its advanced single-axis trackers to the largest solar power plant in the Western Hemisphere. This grid-connected project of over 750 megawatts will deliver energy to the Northern Mexico region under a long-term contract. Scheduled to enter commercial operation […]

Suncast Nico Johnson speaks with Alejo Lopez

Today, we’re spending time with Latin America solar veteran, Alejo Lopez of Nextracker.  You should be listening if you’re interested in: What’s happening in the Mexico market Where else in Latin America Alejo believes hot, or not What it’s like to convert from the Dark Side of Oil & Gas to the Renewables industry Key […]

NEXTracker Named Global PV Tracker Market Share Leader for the Second Consecutive Year

FREMONT, CA, Apr. 18, 2017 – NEXTracker, Inc., a Flex company, the global leader in solar tracker technology, today announced that it has attained the number one global market share position for the second consecutive year among photovoltaic (“PV”) solar tracker manufacturers in 2016. According to GTM Research’s upcoming Global PV Tracker Landscape Report 2017, NEXTracker captured 30 percent […]

Teens Talk Earth Day 2017 @ NEXTracker

This past year we embarked on a solar education journey with San Francisco Bay Area high schools called the NX Solar Education Excellence (SEE) Program. A couple times per quarter, we get this awesome opportunity to teach local 9-12 graders on solar energy and invariably, we learn a lot from them. On this Earth Day […]

Severe Weather? No Problem with Smart Solar Tracker O&M

The threat of severe weather during hurricane season keeps some solar asset owners and managers up at night wondering how much system damage and extra O&M cost will be incurred. While the choice of a solar tracker can’t stop a hurricane or flood, it may help to reduce downtime and O&M costs. In this third […]

Why The Right Solar Trackers Make Bankable Sense in Australia

Australian developers, financiers and EPCs are increasingly choosing solar trackers over fixed-tilt racking for their large-scale projects because of the trackers’ superior energy yield (20-30% more than fixed tilt) as well as cost of ownership and levelized cost of energy (LCOE) advantages. Horizontal single-axis trackers (SATs) in particular have become the technology of choice. Funding […]

Why Design Matters for Solar O&M

Whether you’re a project owner, developer or EPC, your focus is on the bottom line in the short and long term, and that’s why solar tracking design is so important today—and 20-30 years from now. Your tracker system design will affect both upfront costs and your project’s levelized cost of energy (LCOE) over the lifetime […]

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